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Auteur Sujet: Bientôt Android dans les NX ? Pas de nouveau boîtier NX en 2012  (Lu 724 fois)


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C'est bien possible à en croire l'interview de SH Lim, "Samsung Digital Imaging Sales and Marketing vice-president", par Amateur Photographer à l'occasion du salon IFA à Berlin :

"Future Samsung Galaxy cameras will feature a larger imaging sensor if consumers demand it, and the company may one day extend Android technology to the NX range of compact system models


Asked if photographers can expect to see a larger sensor, such as an APS C-size, in future models, Samsung's Digital Imaging Sales and Marketing vice-president SH Lim told journalists: ‘This is the first model - if there is demand we will expand.'

Lim also suggested that extending the Android system to Samsung NX compact system cameras would be a natural progression, but stressed that - for now at least - the company will focus on the success of its Galaxy compact.

Photographers can expect to see Android, 3G and 4G technology appear in Samsung's ‘step-up or premium' models,' said Lim at a meeting with UK journalists in Berlin, Germany, ahead of the IFA electronics show.

‘Android is the most popular operating system at the moment...

‘Our roadmap, our plan is to evolve this smart camera concept,' he added.


Meanwhile, he confirmed that Samsung has no plans to launch any more NX cameras this year.

Asked about the company's future plans for DSLRs, Lim said: ‘We are still thinking - but we have always observed the market developments and, as you know, the DSLR market is very stable.'

Lim explained that, for the time being, Samsung will concentrate on CSCs, not DSLRs.

'We expect the [DSLR] market will not grow that much compared with compact system cameras.'

Lim did not rule out striking a future alliance with another company on DSLR development, but suggested Samsung's relationship with DSLR partner Pentax has not been severed.

‘Every possibility is open - we work closely with other companies,' he told Amateur Photographer (AP)

Tout ceci ressemble fort à une pause avant une possible inflexion stratégique.


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Re : Bientôt Android dans les NX ? Pas de nouveau boîtier NX en 2012
« Réponse #1 le: septembre 03, 2012, 16:30:44 »
FocusNumérique l'évoquait le 30/8.
Le lien ne passe pas ! >:(
Assez joli mais ne fait même pas téléphone ! :)


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Re : Bientôt Android dans les NX ? Pas de nouveau boîtier NX en 2012
« Réponse #2 le: septembre 03, 2012, 21:22:29 »
Donc tout est possible mais  probablement pas un NX30 en 2013!
Le système NX serait il une danseuse pour Samsung?